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About the Wellbeing Project

Wellbeing and Mental Health is a joint initiative between The British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology, Leadership & Management Faculty and New Savoy conference.

This collaboration was set up in 2014 to address concerns about staff wellbeing and mental health, ranging across a broad spectrum (including, but not limited to, low morale, stress, burn out, lived experiences, bullying and harassment).

Since its inception, the project has set out a number of initiatives including development of a psychometrically validated wellbeing tool, annual Wellbeing Surveys, setting out of a collaborative Learning Network (CLaN), Pathfinder Sites, development of Individual and Organizational Impact Tools, Round Table Consultations and awareness raising material.

Its awareness raising activities have included many successful events and meetings with psychological professionals, senior leaders, policy makers and politicians.

A set of events have been run across the country including:

  • a showcase event as part of DCP 50th Birthday celebrations at the House of Commons
  • the Launch of the CLaN and Pathfinder sites
  • Psychological Safety in Preston
  • the New Savoy Conferences
  • Super Human or Simply Human - What we want from our leaders in York
  • Collaborative Learning Network, Promoting Partnership & Supporting learning  at APPTs Forum, London.
  • No Health without Mental Health - European Clinical Psychology Takes Responsibility: Ensuring effective treatment with a whole system approach to psychological workforce wellbeing – lessons from the UK at European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT) Annual Conference, Dresdon, Germany.
  • Psychological Wellbeing of the NHS Workforce, Psychological Professional network conference

As part of its initiative to combat stigma a number of key leaders and professionals have joined the project events to speak about Lived Experiences and their experiences at work. 

Whist the initiative reached a fast momentum in its initial years with a significant impact, it faced difficulties for voicing concerns and calling for action.  However, the tide seems to be turning towards better awareness to tackle stigma and support workforce wellbeing.

Improved workforce wellbeing matters in its own right; it increases a number of highly valued clinical and organisational outcomes.

Unfortunately, despite the initiative’s success, it was not longer possible to deliver on the expectations without resources to match the scale of the problem. Consequently, the project was put on hold in 2018 except for its annual wellbeing survey.

The initiative is now being refreshed following an award by the DCP.

A partnership project has been set out in 2020 with the London School of Economics and Social Sciences.

  • NCS Wellbeing Survey

  • Partnership Initiative (BPS & NPS)

  • Annual Measure of Wellbeing Survey

  • Dissemination of results, canvassing of views, engaging with stakeholders

  • Workforce Wellbeing Survey

  • Roundtable Consultation

  • Creation of our mission, vision, and values

  • Charter for Wellbeing and Resilience

  • A Case for the Charter

  • Collaborative Learning Network

  • Wellbeing Survey 2016

  • Influencing and Fostering Compassionate Workplaces

  • Solidifying framework and developing a wellbeing tool

  • Wellbeing Survey 2017

  • Wellbeing Tool

  • Open Conversation Forum on Psychological Safety

  • APPG Psyhcological Workplace Forum

  • Wellbeing Survey 2018

  • Psychological Safety Workshops

  • Translate learning into an offer from psychological therapies to the wider NHS

  • Wellbeing Resource Kit & Wellbeing Dial

  • Review of the project

  • Conversations to re-align the project objectives with the BPS/DCP strategy


Project Refresh including incorporating Covid-19 context

  • DCP Virtual Wellbeing Meetings
  • Impact Statement Consultation Round
  • Initial Launch of Workforce Wellbeing Resources
  • Development of research strategy
  • Preparation for 2021 Spot Check Wellbeing Survey
  • Re-convening stakeholders to understand the priorities and way of working for a collaborative network in the current Covid climate

Our Key priorities for 2020 are:

  • Strategy for Wellbeing Survey of Psychological Professions including making the tool available across organizations
  • Development of Wellbeing Digital Resources
  • Stakeholder Events, Symposiums & Round Table Consultations
  • Organizational Impact Tool development for service accreditation & commissioning
  • Research and Publication
  • CLaN Review: Establish providers’ network of providers with responsibility of  wellbeing. 
  • Advocating for a dedicated psychological service & supporting its development 
  • Scoping of future research into practitioner wellbeing.
  • Project sustainability after 2020

The Steering Group in charge of the Wellbeing Project is made up of the following individuals:

  • Amra Rao (co-chair)
  • Jeremy Clarke (co-chair)
  • Gita Bhutani
  • Adrian Neal.


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