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Member Board

The Member Board is one of four strategic boards that reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

It was established to:

  • promote the benefits of membership of the BPS as a professional body for psychology and the wider psychological workforce

  • support the development of a sustainable membership strategy that delivers a cohesive but segmented value proposition

  • embrace the work, engagement and effort of volunteers

We strive to make psychology accessible to all and aim to have a membership base that is representative of the diverse population within the UK and global communities.

We do this through fostering an inclusive culture, welcoming individual differences and committing to ensuring equality and diversity are embedded into all of our activities.

Our main responsibilities are:

  • To work with BPS in delivering the society’s vision for the future membership, advising the BPS on all aspects of membership
  • To work with BPS on the ongoing evolution of the member journey to ensure that it is reflective of different elements of the psychological workforce in conjunction with education and employers.
  • To support BPS in the developing a coherent, objective and transparent governance structure for all aspects of membership which is appropriate, relevant, robust, transparent and valuable
  • To work with BPS on regular monitoring and review of member grades, including the development of member denominations, articulation of member grades and ongoing relevance of them in a rapidly changing workforce.
  • To guide BPS on the development of a member value proposition that is fit for purpose for all segments of BPS members and that will sustain and further advance the psychological profession.
  • To provide psychology and member input into the ongoing review, development and evolution of the BPS Member Conduct Rules.
  • To provide member input into consideration of opportunities for BPS to broaden its reach internationally and to exploit opportunities for joint membership with collaborative and appropriate partners.
  • To provide a sub-committee, on a rotating basis, for managing complaints in relation to members, where a decision cannot be clearly ascertained against the Member Code of Conduct criteria and/or where there is significant potential for reputational damage to BPS as a result of the outcome of a complaint.
  • To provide member input on the evolution, advancement and governance of its member networks.
  • 17 July 2020

  • September 2020

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