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Education and Training Board

The Education and Training Board reports and advises the Board of Trustees on policy, standards, submissions of evidence to public and private bodies and other matters related to psychology.

Its main responsibilities are to:

  • Promote the advancement and diffusion of psychological knowledge, especially via educational programmes and activities which help to enhance public understanding.
  • Promote academic, ethical and scientific rigour in the delivery of psychology education at all levels and students in related disciplines.
  • Support activities that enhance the public understanding of psychology.
  • Develop and implement Society policy in relation to psychology education, psychology teaching, teachers and students in all sectors.
  • Seek to influence national and international policies and organisations that affect psychology education and qualifications.
  • Support the development and dissemination of best practice and innovation in the provision of psychology education.
  • Develop, implement and maintain the Society’s public engagement strategy.
  • Seek to secure best possible levels of funding for education in psychology by working with relevant bodies and other means.
  • Liaise with other Boards to ensure harmonious application of internal and external policy in relation to psychology education and public engagement.
  • Promote the usefulness of psychological qualifications in psychology careers and non-psychology careers.


Standing Committees

The Education and Training Board supports activity and policy development in the areas of pre-tertiary education (A level, Scottish Higher, IB, etc.) and psychology undergraduate students via the Standing Committee on Pre-Tertiary Education (SCoPTE) and the Student Committee. These committees undertake specialist activities and provide specialist advice to the Board, whilst ensuring the sectors they represent have a formal voice within the Society’s governance.

To find out more about the EPEB standing committees, please contact the Policy Team.

Lobbying and Liaison

The Board undertakes to represent the Society’s policies in relation to psychology education externally to a range of appropriate bodies including the DfE, TDA, OFQUAL and awarding bodies,  as well as the relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies within the devolved nations. It links with other relevant bodies to ensure psychology is represented in appropriate forums. Our partners include the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments, the Higher Education Academy, Campaign for Science & Engineering , the Royal Society, the British Academy, Academy for Social Sciences and the British Science Association.

Awards & Grants

To promote, encourage and reward outstanding achievements in psychology education and public engagement the Board administers a range of awards. Grant schemes are also offered to support the advancement of the Board’s objectives in relation to teaching and learning and public engagement.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact [email protected]

Date Time Location Deadline for Agenda Items

31January 2020

TBA London TBA
18 May 2020 TBA TBA TBA
04 September 2020 TBA TBA TBA
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