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Educational Psychology Scotland Qualifications Board - External Examiner

The Educational Psychology (Scotland) Qualifications Board formulates and manages all matters relating to policy and procedure concerned with the assessment of competence with respect to the Qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland) (Stage 2).

The Board wishes to appoint an External Examiner who is a Chartered member of the society, a Full member of the Scottish Division of Educational Psychology (SDEP) and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as an Educational Psychologist.

Applicants will also need to have substantial and current experience of training within educational psychology in Scotland and previous experience as an External Examiner or quality assurer, preferably from an approved university-based educational psychology training programme.

The appointment will be fixed term, covering a period of three years.

The External Examiner will be required to report to the Chair of the Qualifications Board on:

  • whether the standards set are at an appropriate level and the performance of candidates is properly judged against these standards;
  • the extent to which the processes of assessment and the determination of the award of the Qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland) (Stage 2) are sound and have been fairly conducted.

In order to do this, the External Examiner will be sent samples of enrolment applications and written portfolios.  The External Examiner will be able to review any part of the enrolment and assessment processes and will agree with the Chief Supervisor and Chief Assessor what materials they will review and what meetings they may attend.

The intention is for the External Examiner to comment on overall standards and adherence to processes, rather than on decisions for individual candidates, and as such the External Examiner will review the materials after the corresponding enrolment or assessment decision has been ratified.

The main functions of the External Examiner are as follows:

  1. monitor processes in the Qualification, including enrolment and assessment processes.
  2. sample assessed work
  3. attend meetings as necessary
  4. report to the Chair of the Qualifications Board

To qualify for the position the successful candidate must be an HCPC registered Educational Psychologist and a Chartered Psychologist with at least five years post qualification experience.

The successful candidate will also have:

  • knowledge and understanding of the processes of examinations
  • experience of examining at a postgraduate level in educational psychology
  • current experience of involvement in educational psychology training in Scotland
  • good communication skills
  • good decision making skills
  • good organisational skills
  • facilitation skills

Plus experience of:

  • Board or committee functioning
  • establishing and maintaining academic and professional standards on behalf of an organisation


It is expected that commitment to this role will be once per year, usually late summer/early autumn.

To request a Statement of Interest Form please contact Natalie Kenny-Hall on 0116 252 9933 or [email protected]

The closing date for applications is the 30th of September.

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