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People who misuse substances do so in many contexts, which themselves powerfully influence recovery. This conference is about how clinical and community psychologists can reach beyond traditional substance misuse service boundaries into the settings where people present. Resilience is a key factor in recovery, however that recovery is defined. Building resilience within social contexts such as family, place and community requires us to look beyond traditional approaches to develop flexibility and innovation in how we work.



‘Standing up to Addiction: Turning Disempowerment into Empowerment’

Addictive behaviours are not restricted to use of substances and occur within a social and political context where contributing factors and consequences are far reaching. The Faculty of Addiction welcomes the renowned researcher and writer, Jim Orford, to lead a discussion which will prove relevant to clinical, community and social psychologists amongst others. The presentation will explore how friends, colleagues and family members of those in addiction can stand up to addiction.



In this interview Dr. Lynne Dawkins, Senior Lecturer at the University of East London dicusses her research in to smoking cessation.  

You can also read an article by Dr. Dawkins in the Society's monthly magazine The Psychologist titled 'Why is it so hard to give up smoking?'