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    Division of Clinical Psychology

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    Guideline for the role of practitioner psychologists in the assessment and support of women considering risk-reducing breast surgery

    The guidelines have been developed by a working group of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty for Oncology and Palliative Care.

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    Dear prospective clinical psychologists

    Choosing which courses to apply for to undertake your professional clinical training is one of the most important decisions in your journey towards becoming a clinical psychologist.

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    Starting your DClinPsy training? Here’s five tips to help you get started

    It’s that time of year where, if you’re a clinical psychology trainee, you’ll be embarking on the next step on your journey – starting your DClinPsy training.

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    People with learning disabilities are still being discriminated against - fundamental change is required

    Reports on the experiences of individuals with learning disabilities (aka intellectual disabilities) in England during the coronavirus pandemic have made for sobering reading.

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    What kind of public health and prevention work is currently undertaken by UK clinical psychologists?

    It is too early to know what toll Covid-19 has taken on the nation’s mental health, but there is concern that services could buckle under the impact of a world turned upside down.

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    Psychological interventions for people with Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, and multiple sclerosis

    This guidance focuses on psychological interventions for specific psychological outcomes in adults experiencing each of these four neurological conditions.

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    Communicating a diagnosis of dementia

    The focus of this paper is on issues around sharing a diagnosis of dementia with the person with dementia and the family.

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    Its time to stop mopping and turn down the taps – taking prevention seriously in child mental health

    Next week is Children's Mental Health Week, and in recognition of this we are pleased to present the following post from Julia Faulconbridge, in which she discusses the importance of prevention and early intervention in ensuring that our children grow up in good mental health.

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    How my Jewish Heritage has inspired my work as a psychologist

    At the time of writing, we have just come to the end of the eighth day of Hannukah, the Jewish festival of lights.

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    Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia

    The problems we think of as ‘psychosis’ can be understood in the same way as other psychological problems such as anxiety or shyness.

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    Guidelines for clinical psychology services

    These Guidelines for Clinical Psychology Services have been produced by the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) to establish and disseminate national standards for clinical psychology services.

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  • Person taking part in a virtual call
    In person
    DCP London Branch

    In Between: Navigating the Early Career Space

    17 May 2024



    This Division of Clinical Psychology event brings together early career and newly qualified psychologists with the aim of knowledge sharing and community building.

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    Division of Clinical Psychology

    DCP Annual Conference 2024: Reigniting Joy at Work

    04 Jun 2024



    The theme of the Division of Clinical Psychology's Annual Conference in 2024 is ‘Reigniting Joy at Work’.

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    • A psychological perspective on hoarding

      27 July 2015

      Ella Rhodes reports on new guidelines from the Division of Clinical Psychology.

      • Social and behavioural
    • We don’t have to be homogeneous – we just have to hear each other

      02 February 2018

      Lexie Thorpe reports from the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology.

      • Clinical
    • 'There is no normal journey'

      20 March 2018

      Rebecca Fellows reports from the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Societies Division of Clinical Psychology Prequalification Group.

    • Jude Clarke 1967-2016

      15 November 2016

      British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology-Scotland Service User and Carer Representative from 2010-2016.

      • BPS updates
    • Figure showing influences on a person and their health

      Becoming whole

      31 July 2023

      Jennifer Poole looks to repair the Cartesian divide in mental health care, including through the Division of Clinical Psychology’s Faculty of Holistic Psychology.

      • Health
    • ‘That whole journey you do with the patient takes a lot of skill and time'

      05 March 2019

      Our editor Jon Sutton meets Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Neuropsychology, Katherine Carpenter.

      • Neuropsychology
    • Pockets of resistance and change

      28 January 2020

      Ella Rhodes and Jon Sutton with a few highlights from the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology, in Solihull.

    • Open head with megaphone news

      News, February 2007

      18 February 2007

      Pro-anorexia websites; gifted children; bullying report; Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference; and more

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    • 'Be the grit in the oyster'

      31 March 2016

      Ella Rhodes reports from the Division of Clinical Psychology Pre-Qualification Group Annual Conference.

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    • Candles lit for obituary

      Obituary: Dr Gemma Gray 1970-2022

      04 October 2022

      For more than two decades, Dr Gemma Gray held various positions on the Faculty for People with Intellectual Disability committee within the Division of Clinical Psychology.

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    • Stick figures in a circle with one in the centre

      Widening our research base

      18 May 2004

      Dorothy Fielding (Vice Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology) interviews Til Wykes about the Mental Health Research Network.

      • Methods and statistics
    • Explaining the unexplained

      18 December 2013

      Richard J. Brown, winner of the Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology May Davidson Award, proposes a model of ‘medically unexplained’ symptoms.

      • Research