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Qualification in Forensic Psychology (Stage 2)

The Qualification in Forensic Psychology (Stage 2) is the independent route to training as a forensic psychologist.

A doctoral level qualification, it allows you to train flexibly within a structured and supportive framework.

If you have any questions you can contact us by phone at 0116 252 9505 or email us at [email protected]


Further to the in-depth review of the Qualification in Forensic Psychology (QFP) (Stage 2), the revised version has now achieved approval. 

The BPS is hugely grateful to the Forensic Psychology Qualifications Board, review group and stakeholder representatives for their time, expertise and commitment to this work, which has been instrumental in developing this revised route.

The changes

We are aware that the forensic psychology community has been anticipating a revised route for a significant period of time. We are now in a position to be able to release more information. We understand that you may have more questions as a result of this, and we ask that you please bear with us. It is our intention to release more details on the website and to hold introductory sessions, as well as releasing the candidate handbook.

The launch date will be 01 July 2021.

There will be four application points each year: January, April, July and October. Applications should be submitted by the end of the month. The first application point will be from 01 - 31 July. Following your application to enrol you will be invited to a Registrar review meeting to explore and agree your Plan of Training.

Candidates will be required to enrol on a two, three or four year track, depending on their employment and associated opportunities, and will have agreed points at which they will submit specific identified work for assessment.  The required work at each submission point is outlined below. More details about what will need to be submitted will be included in the candidate handbook.

Submission Point 1

Submission Point 2

Submission Point 3

CR1a - 2 case studies (assessment or treatment)



CR2 – Research Proposal

CR3a – Policy Review 

CR1b - 2 case studies (whichever area is not sent at submission point 1)

CR2 – Research Paper

CR3b – 1 demonstration of all CR3 competencies (except policy competency)

CR4 – Submission of TNA and Training Planning

CR1c – 1 case study focussing on directing others


CR3c - 1 further demonstration of all CR3 competencies (except policy competency)


CR4 – Submission of Training Delivery, Assessment and Evaluation


As noted in the table above, additional changes to the qualification include the fact that candidates submit one Demonstration of directing other professionals (currently competency 1.5), one piece of applied research (Core Role 2), one demonstration of policy development (currently competency 3.3) and one demonstration of training development and delivery (Core Role 4).

I’m an existing candidate, can I transfer to the new route?

Candidates who enrolled on the current qualification between July 2020 and May 2021 (inclusive) and have not yet submitted any work for assessment are eligible to transfer to the 2021 version of the qualification.  The BPS will be in touch with those candidates who are eligible.

Closure of enrolments

The current route (2011) will close to new enrolments on 1 June 2021. If you have submitted your application before this date you will be contacted in relation to the next steps. Any incomplete enrolment applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note that the BPS office is closed on 01 June and will re-open on 02 June.

Closure of the qualification

The 2011 qualification will close completely on Friday 29 May 2026 to allow current candidates five years to complete.  This means that all candidates enrolled on the current 2011 qualification will need to have completed the qualification by 29 May 2026. Anyone who has not passed all four Core Roles by 29 May 2026 will be considered to have failed the Qualification.  It is therefore important that all candidates factor in contingencies to ensure any personal circumstances and resubmissions are accounted for so that all work is submitted and assessed as competency demonstrated prior to the closure point. No extensions can be given.

This qualification is tailored to those who are working in an area suitable to gain the required competencies but who choose not to, or are unable to, undertake a professional doctorate or any other university-based, BPS-accredited stage 2 training programme.

Enrolment (entry) requirements

  • Graduate Basis for Chartered membership
  • BPS accredited MSc in Forensic Psychology

After completing this qualification you'll be able to apply for Chartered Membership of the BPS, as well as full membership of the Division of Forensic Psychology and registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.

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