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Support and deliver CPD

There are several ways for our members to support the professional development of others – from delivering webinars and workshops to acting as a reviewer by assessing submitted proposals or reviewing draft learning design and content.

Could you deliver a professional development session for us?

We are seeking proposals for delivery of professional development from our members using the presentation methods below.

Proposals should appeal to a broad range of areas of the discipline and your proposal can be on any area of psychology.

CPD presenters will be paid a fee and expenses.

We are currently seeking proposals for delivery of professional development via the following presentation methods:


A web based seminar or webinar is an online, interactive presentation, usually two hours long. We use Zoom for webinars which are hosted by a member of staff who will also support the presenter during the webinar. Presenters will be paid a fee.

CPD presenters can:

  • Share presentations
  • Broadcast to participants
  • Share delivery with other presenters
  • Use breakout rooms to split participants into small group discussions
  • Set up polls to ask participants questions
  • Manage question and answer sessions
  • Deliver a live participative session or a record only session.

Participants can:

  • Participate in most of the webinars
  • Access webinars on their computer from any location
  • Join breakout rooms for discussions
  • When registered, receive a recording of the webinar afterwards.


A face-to-face event, held at our London or Leicester office.

Usually a full day. Max 36 attendees.

Presenters will be paid a fee and expenses.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic please consider how your idea for a workshop could become a webinar or a series of webinars prior to submitting.

Please contact us if there will be more than three presenters to discuss further.

Your submission should total no more than 1200 words (exclusive of the title).

You are able to submit tables, images and file uploads when using our online submission system.

Please note the contents of your submission will be used in advertising.

Our submission system will ask you to complete the following sections:

  • Title

    Please consider the marketing potential of your title. Keep it short but descriptive.

    Present a business case to us:

    - What is the need?
    - What problem is your learning aiming to solve?
    - What is the detailed target market?
    - What are the benefits of this learning to the BPS and members?
    - Has this training been delivered anywhere else? If so, please provide details.

    This information will form the main part of the advertising. This is your opportunity to ‘sell’ the opportunity to us and potential delegates.

  • Target audience

    - Who has the problem?
    - Who in the profession needs this training?
    - What job roles does the learning aim to attract?
    - Is the learning targeted at early career, mid-career or seasoned professionals?

    This information will inform a decision on the potential market. Are there any pre-requisites in terms of knowledge or experience required?

    Remember, our members are looking for CPD that will add value to their capability as a professional by increasing their existing knowledge and skills.

  • Learning outcomes

    What can attendees expect to learn?

    Please provide a maximum of minimum of 4 learning outcomes for a webinar (two hours) and between 5 and 8 learning outcomes for a workshop.

    - How to approach writing learning outcomes

  • Webinar details

    If this proposal is for a webinar, please tell us the following:

    - Will you run a live webinar with participants or have it recorded and released later?
    - Will the webinar be interactive (\which of the following will you use? Q&A, use of breakout rooms, polls)?
    - Will this be a one off webinar, or a series?
    - Will the proposal be transferable into a more in depth one day workshop in the future (when in a position to deliver face to face workshops again)?

  • Theory

    Please provide a brief summary of the recent psychological theory underpinning the submission and how it will be applied.

  • Ethics and professionalism

    How will you demonstrate high professional and ethical standards?

    By submitting a proposal you are complying with the society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct when working for the society

  • CPD presenter

    Please provide a brief biography for each CPD presenter including membership numbers.

    Please provide information on your experience of delivering participative, engaging and challenging training to peers and evidence of previous training you have delivered.

We are currently looking for Chartered Psychologists to act as reviewers to consult over proposals or other draft course content documents (e.g. learning outcomes, proposed course content).

This is a voluntary role for those willing to contribute their time to the peer review process for submitted abstracts and to help maintain the quality assurance of our CPD programme.

Register as a reviewer 

If you are an external organisation who organises CPD activities (such as training events, conferences or online learning) then why not consider having them approved by the BPS?

The CPD Approval Scheme is the Society’s model of approving programmes or events that meet our stringent ethical, professional, and practical standards.

It enables CPD providers, including HE institutions, to have their programmes or events approved by the BPS, and offers a great opportunity to attract more delegates and gain access to our 50,000+ members through our approved CPD directory.

If you are a BPS Group considering arranging some professional development activities please get in touch.

Contact the professional development manager

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