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The BPS provides multiple ways for our members to keep their professional knowledge and abilities up-to-date, from workshops and e-learning courses, to our ongoing programme of conferences and events.

Our core skills workshops offer CPD to help you develop your professional capability and are applicable across all of the applied areas of psychology.

Please note: Like many other organisations, we’ve had to review our events in light of the current advice from the UK government about the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re really disappointed to let you know that we’ve had to cancel all our workshops until the end of May 2020. We are very sorry and apologise for any inconvenience caused but hope you understand. We will be in contact with everyone to explain what happens next. We are working through each workshop in order.

If you have booked onto a series of workshops on supervision skills training and/or expert witness training before or beyond the end of May these cancellations may affect your planned schedule. We will get in touch with you by email as soon as we can with a new plan. We have your contact details you gave us when you registered via on our bookings system so we can keep in touch. If you have any other questions feel free to email [email protected]

We are sure you will appreciate this is changing situation. We will also keep this web page updated with news so please do check-in on a regular basis. 

If you want to start your supervision training or expert witness training with us and have not yet booked, please email [email protected] 

This series of four workshops is designed to help supervisors, or would-be supervisors, to develop, reflect on and refine their own personal practice, tailored to their approach, the context in which they work, and their client group(s).

You must attend workshops sequentially and it is recommended that you leave a gap between workshops 3 and 4 (workshop 4 is for practising supervisors only).

Completing all four workshops confers eligibility to apply for entry onto the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS), which is designed to recognise Chartered Psychologists with special expertise in supervision.

Please note: completion of the series does not satisfy the supervision training requirements for BPS Qualifications.

Anyone interested in becoming a supervisor for BPS Qualifications should contact the Qualifications Team via +44 (0)116 252 9505 or [email protected]

This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of supervision and aims to facilitate exploration and understanding of what supervision can be.

Learning outcomes:

  • To define supervision
  • To understand the principles, tasks and functions of good supervision
  • To structure and manage a supervision session
  • To practice, observe and receive supervision


14 Jan 2020 - FULLY BOOKED
17 Mar 2020 - CANCELLED
30 Jun 2020 - FULLY BOOKED
13 October 2020 - Book Now

To join the waiting list for the next session of Workshop 1 please email [email protected]

This workshop explores how our approach to supervision should be adapted to the developmental stage and needs of our supervisees.

The responsibilities of the supervisor will be defined and consideration will be given to how to manage situations where things may not be going as they should be or where there are ethical issues to be worked with.

These areas are rarely black and white and require careful reflection, consultation and supervision.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the developmental stages of the supervision process
  • To consider long-term and short-term contracting in supervision
  • To develop skills in giving feedback in supervision
  • To explore ethics and decision-making in supervision
  • To practice, observe and receive supervision


28 January 2020 - Book Now
01 April 2020 - CANCELLED
21 July 2020 - Book Now
09 December 2020 - Book Now

This workshop covers an approach to one-to-one supervision and a structured and collaborative approach to peer group supervision.

There will be lots of opportunity to apply learning experientially by giving and receiving supervision and participants will be able to work on issues from their own practice in self-supervision, one-to-one supervision, and peer group supervision.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To consider different methods and modes in supervision
  • To consider group supervision processes
  • To transfer learning to groups
  • To develop skills in the role of group leader
  • To practice self-supervision, one-to-one supervision and group supervision


26 February 2020 - Book Now
21 April 2020 - CANCELLED
15 September 2020 - Book Now

This provides a whole day of peer group Supervision of Supervision.

Participants will work with their own issues relating to their supervision practice, and help others with theirs.

Being supervised by others who have completed the same training allows previous learning and application to be reviewed and refreshed. Therefore, attendance at the previous workshops is required and it is advisable to attend after a period of practical application.

This workshop provides ongoing support for those working as supervisors by providing an open, peer group development forum and opportunities to develop skills as supervisors and supervisees throughout the day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To revisit and consolidate previous learning and application
  • To reflect on ‘real-world’ practice and experience
  • To develop in the role of supervisor
  • To practice, observe and receive Supervision of Supervision


02 November 2019 - Book Now
05 May 2020 - CANCELLED
02 June 2020 - Book Now
03 November 2020 - Book Now

This workshop is designed to cover the challenges and pitfalls of working as an independent practitioner.

Growing numbers of psychologists work in private practice either as an adjunct to their other clinical jobs, or as their primary professional practice.

The ideas and skills developed in this interactive workshop will cover a wide range of practical issues and skills designed to help you to develop your own style as a practitioner and to translate this into a commercially successful and ethically driven private practice.

To book or find out more, please click on any of the available dates listed below.

ou may also be interested in our business development e-learning courses, such as:

This workshop series is intended for HCPC registered practitioner psychologists or those towards the completion of their accredited training.

It is particularly suitable for anyone considering embarking on practice as an Expert Witness but will also be a useful refresher for those who may have found themselves unexpectedly taking on this role.

This is skills based training for psychologists acting as expert witnesses.

It is strongly recommended that you attend Part 1, 2 and 3 sequentially and before attending Part 4.

You may also be interested in our Becoming an Expert Witness e-learning course.

This workshop details the roles, responsibilities and perils of psychologists as expert witnesses and provides an essential guide to the central work and business aspects of being an expert witness.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know the Cresswell Principles of expert evidence
  2. Know the importance of being familiar with the court rules (Civil Procedure, Family Proceedings & Criminal Procedure)
  3. Recognise the difference between being an Expert Witness and an Investigator
  4. Understand the importance of maintaining independence as an expert witness
  5. Be aware of business considerations when taking on Expert Witness work
  6. Be aware of ethical and practice challenges as a psychologist acting as an Expert Witness


26 Mar 2020 - CANCELLED
30 April 2020 - CANCELLED
10 September 2020 - book now

This workshop teaches attendees how to write reports for court as a psychologist and expert witness, including what to consider, how to do it and what not to do.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand of the importance of the Expert Report in a court setting
  2. Be aware of the differing court rules for Expert Witness Reports
  3. Understand the court emphasis on the difference between fact and opinion
  4. Understand the requirements for Statements of Compliance & Truth
  5. Be aware of ethical and practice issues as a psychologist acting as an Expert Witness


27 March 2020 - CANCELLED
01 May 2020 - CANCELLED
11 September 2020 - book now

This workshop provides guidance on appearing in court as an expert psychologist, including the most common difficulties, barrister tricks and how to survive.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the importance of pre-court procedures including the Meeting of Experts
  2. Be aware of court protocols when attending court
  3. Gain confidence in presenting in court
  4. Recognise techniques used by the legal profession to attack the Expert Witness
  5. Be aware of ethical and practice issues as a psychologist acting as an Expert Witness


08 April 2020 - CANCELLED
14 May 2020 - CANCELLED
01 October 2020 - book now

This workshop will help you choose, use, and present psychometrics when acting as an expert witness, and will also give you an understanding of the potential highs and lows of using statistics in court.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the importance of using well-chosen psychometric tests appropriate to your legal instructions
  2. Understand the limitations test use and why this must be emphasised in court procedures
  3. Learn how to present complex data in an Expert Report
  4. Recognise techniques used by the legal profession to undermine the psychometric evidence
  5. Raising awareness of ethical and practice issues as a psychologist acting as an Expert Witness


09 April 2020 - CANCELLED
15 May 2020 - CANCELLED
02 October 2020 - book now

This two-day workshop addresses the systemic and regulatory challenges in working with aircrew in order to equip Practitioner Psychologists with the knowldge and skills they need to meet the increasing demand for psychological assessment and intervention in aviation.

Attendees will be taught about the relevant concepts, underpinning research, and required skills needed to begin working with pilots and other occupational groups in aviation.

17-18 February 2020 - book now

Working with the media is a key skill but one which can take us out of our comfort zone.

It can be an incredibly effective way to get your research and expertise out to a huge number of people and maximise the impact of your work.

We have a range of CPD opportunities here that will provide you with a set of tools to conduct successful media relations whether it be online, broadcast, in print or via social media.

Media Skills

Future dates for this course will be announced as and when they are confirmed.

This training will provide bespoke PR & media skills training for clinicians, leaders & key spokespeople, and will also prepare you to handle more challenging interviews on serious issues and crisis situations.

More dates are currently being arranged. Please email [email protected] to express an interest.

Communicating complex ideas

  • e-learning course

This course will help you develop skills to clearly communicate technical or specialist information to general audiences. You will learn the key steps to work through when planning any communication activity and the issues to consider when choosing and implementing your communication method. The areas of risk, uncertainty and controversy are considered as well as the specific task of dealing with the media.

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