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Member Networks

The Society comprises a number of Member Networks which exist to help our members further their professional and scientific interests.

To access our BPS Member Online Resources visit the online resources page.

If you are not a BPS member, but would like to join one or more of our Member Networks, please visit bps.org.uk/join for information about how to join the Society.

For more information on our Branches, Divisions, Sections, and Groups, please consult the relevant tab below.

The branches of the BPS are divided geographically and are designed to help our members to meet up and share/exchange ideas with other psychologists from the same area.

You are automatically allocated membership to your local branch as soon as you become a member of the Society.

Our current branches are:

Our special groups provide a forum for members working in particular specialist fields, with a particular focus on training, practice, and professional development.

Our currently active special groups are:

Our divisions and member networks allow our members to communicate and collaborate with like-minded people in various scientific, professional, regional and special interest groups


Divisions help members to advance their professional interests, with a focus on training and practice and the development of professional knowledge and skills.

For members who have completed Society accredited postgraduate professional training.

For those who hold, or wish to appy for, the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC), and are enrolled on Society-accredited postgraduate professional training.

For members who are not eligible for full or in-training divisional membership.


Both the Division of Clinical Psychology and the Division of Neuropsychology also have specific faculties which are open to members of the main division.

For further information on the existing faculties please visit their webpages.

To apply for faculty membership please download and complete the application form below:

Sections and Special Groups

To apply to join one of our existing sections or special groups please download and complete the application form below:

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