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Candidate Statement: Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes

Chartered Member, Fellow

Proposed by: Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw MBE

Seconded by: Professor Stephen Reicher

Present Committee role

Since finishing my work in the BPS Presidential cycle (from 2014 to 2017 and as Society President 2015 - 2016),

I have intentionally taken a back seat for the past four years as far as BPS leadership and committee membership work are concerned. Instead, I have remained a member of the Society, keeping abreast of the Society's work and publications and the Society's other activities, initiatives and issues.

During this time, I have, in addition to my independent practice, held a number of leadership and trustee positions elsewhere alongside my work as a practitioner psychologist and a director of our independent practice, together with involvement with a number of UK and international universities through holding various honorary and visiting academic positions.

Previous Committee experience

Throughout my tenure of the Society's three Presidential roles, I led the work on the Society's Structural Review over that three period and many of the recommendations from that piece of work, together with the work of reviewing the Society's structure and organisation have been taken forward

 In addition, as Society President 2015-2016, I chaired the Society's Board of Trustees and we were, together, able to achieve a mutually supportive and productive environment, working with each other and with the Society's Senior Management Team.

Lastly, I conceived of and launched the Society's first ever Presidential Task Force, on Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants, which pulled together some brilliant minds to carry out some excellent work.

Membership of Divisions, Sections, Special Groups or Branches

I am:

  • a Full Member of the Division of Clinical Psychology
  • a Practitioner Full Member of the Division of Neuropsychology
  • a Member of the Society's Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section
  • a Member of the London and Home Counties Branch

Personal Statement

I have followed a career in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, working within the NHS, in government, academia and independent practice.

Starting work as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, my interest has always been in psychological trauma, and my later work with MoD led me into work with Armed Forces personnel throughout the United Kingdom and in operational theatres overseas, to work cooperatively with NATO and other colleague psychologists, to lead a military healthcare research team and, ultimately, to lead Defence Healthcare Psychology in the United Kingdom.

On leaving my work with the MoD, I founded the Veterans and Families Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University and maintain a number of visiting professorships at various other universities. I have published widely, including two edited books, and lectured around the world.

Alongside this work I have served as trustee for a number of charities, before my previous Presidential roles with the BPS.

The role of the President is, I believe, to be the ambassador of the Society to, and where appropriate, outside the Society, to provide visible leadership and, most importantly, through chairing the Board of Trustees, to ensure effective governance of the Society, its senior management team, all our members and our staff. Having served in the role before, I am fully aware of the huge time commitment required to fulfil the role comprehensively.

I have always sought to serve society outside my clinical and academic work and now, as a part-time independent practitioner, am able once again offer my time, energy, experience and commitment to the Society and our membership and to dedicate myself over the coming three years to helping our trustees, our managers and all of our members to work together to bring out the very best that our Society, our members, and psychology can offer.

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