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Candidate Statement: Peter Mitchell

Graduate Member, Fellow

Proposed by: Peter Branney

Seconded by: Sarah Rose

Present Committee role

  • Member of Developmental Section Committee

Previous Committee experience

  • Chair of Developmental Section Committee, 2005-2007, 2018-2020
  • member of representative council
  • member of research board

Membership of Divisions, Sections, Special Groups or Branches

  • Former member of Welsh branch, midlands branch and northern branch

Personal Statement


I have a BA (hons) and PhD, awarded by University of Liverpool, 1984 and 1987, respectively.

I have been a member of the BPS since 1984 and was made a Fellow in 2014.


I have served as Head of the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham (2005-2009), then as found Head of School, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (2009-2012) and also as Dean of Science (2010- 2014).

I currently serve as Head of the School of Social Sciences, University of Bradford.

I have served on the editorial board of British Journal of Developmental Psychology (1995-2005) and as editor in chief of the British Journal of Psychology (2007-2012).

I have served as chief examiner for the ESRC national PhD competition studentship award (2003) and as Chair of ESRC Grant Assessment Panel A, covering the standard open scheme and the new investigator award.


Having established a psychology department in Malaysia, which went on to be the first programme outside the UK to secure BPS accreditation,

I fully appreciate the value and importance of the international reach of the BPS. Connections and partnerships with other societies on an international stage is surely a big priority.

Having served two key journals (BJDP and BJP) I’m also extremely interested in the work done by the BPS in promoting scientific excellence through its publications, its conferences and its various awards.

Effective Commitment

My institution holds the BPS in extremely high regard, and it is seen to be important for staff to have an active role in this esteemed society. For this reason, I’m delighted to say that my application for this role has full institutional backing and I am assured that my workload will be adjusted as required to enable me to dedicate quality time to the BPS.

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