Our values

At the BPS, we understand better than most why people behave in the way that they do. The values we hold guide how we behave and the choices we make. It is these shared values that unite our community and allows us to achieve our purpose.

Together we are open and willing with an aspiration for excellence


We care deeply about our community and connect individuals through acknowledging our similarities with a sense of working toward the same goals by drawing on diverse talent and experience.

This includes:

  • We are inclusive and celebrate our differences
  • We get to know people, involve them and encourage them
  • We connect people and value their contributions


We look to do the right thing in an honest, fair and responsible way through appreciating others' opinions, viewpoints, thoughts and ideas so that we build strong and trusting relationships.

This includes:

  • We keep people informed through clear, open and honest communication
  • We take decisive action to make meaningful differences with all of our work
  • We are optimistic about what people can achieve and are not deterred by setbacks


We are curious and deeply inquisitive about people with a thirst to continually improve, we maximise our skills and creativity to enhance the work that we do.

This includes:

  • We challenge ourselves, each other and the status quo
  • We share our knowledge and work in partnership
  • We are always looking to learn, and for better ways to do things, being flexible to change


We believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing right, striving to excel in every aspect of our work and approaching every challenge with a determination to succeed.

This includes:

  • We always think about best practice
  • We work in a psychologically informed way based on evidence
  • We take pride in our work and hold ourselves to account