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Our strategy

Our new strategy will guide and underpin our work over the coming years.

A vision for the BPS

Our strategy has been produced by the Board of Trustees and lays out the core purpose, vision, and values going forward.

The purpose section of the strategy outlines the British Psychological Society's central goal as an organisation, linked to meeting our charitable objectives.

Download the BPS Strategy 2024 document

A simple vision guides all of our work as an organisation: 'Building a world where psychology transforms lives'.

Four shared values are placed at the heart of the culture, helping the BPS to unite our psychological community and fulfilling our purpose: 'TOGETHER we are OPEN and WILLING with an aspiration for EXCELLENCE.'

These shared values have been used to outline the behaviours that will define the BPS as an organisation, so that we can deliver more for members.

Finally, four shared pillars have been developed, into which the work of the BPS can be divided and against which its progress towards the overall strategic vision will be measured. These are 'Community, Champion, Confidence, and Cultivate'.

Our purpose

We believe in our charitable objects:

To promote the advancement and diffusion of a knowledge of psychology pure and applied and especially to promote the efficiency and usefulness of Members of the Society by setting up a high standard of professional education and knowledge.

Our vision

 We are guided by our vision:

Building a world where psychology transforms lives.