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Science Council Registration

CPD is a key element to achieving and maintaining registered status with the Science Council.

Registrants must engage in ongoing CPD in order to remain on the register regardless of their level of award.

The differing competencies expected across the awards can be found in this matrix.

The Science Council runs annual CPD awards to celebrate the efforts and achievements of Registrants for good practice in continuous improvement.

Why not aim to represent Psychology and have your efforts and achievements celebrated?

More information on the awards can be found on the Science Council website.


Standards for CPD Revalidation

There are five standards which must be maintained in order for a registrant's CPD to be revalidated

This standard is met if there is evidence that the registrant has maintained a record of their CPD activities and by completing the online CPD record which includes a brief summary of all the CPD activities they have undertaken.

The standard is met if the registrant’s CPD includes activities in at least three (exceptionally two) of the following categories and that there is evidence that the registrant’s CPD activities are relevant to their current or future practice.

  • S2.1 Work based learning (e.g. supervising staff / students, reflective practice)

  • S2.2 Professional activity (e.g. involvement in a professional body, mentoring)

  • S2.3 Formal / Educational (e.g. writing articles / papers, further education)

  • S2.4 Self-directed learning (e.g. reading journals, reviewing books / articles)

  • S2.5 Other (e.g. voluntary work, public service)

The standard is met if the registrant’s personal statement shows that their CPD activities have improved the quality of their work and this is backed up by evidence or they believe that their CPD might improve the quality of their work, but this had not been the case.

The registrant’s statement must show that they have considered why this has happened, and what they will do next to make sure their CPD will improve the quality of their work in the future.

The standard is met if the registrant has shown (through evidence provided or an explanation given) how their CPD activities have benefited users of their service, either directly or indirectly.

The standard is met if the registrant has sent in a complete profile by the deadline. 
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