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Register of Coaching Psychologists

Every 5 years, when you renew your registration, you will be asked to confirm to us that you meet the Coaching Psychology Knowledge and Experience Framework.

At this point we’ll ask a sample of you to send us a record of the CPD carried out within the last 5 years, including reflections on how this has benefited you and your practice.

We will also ask for a statement which describes how you have maintained your practice as a Coaching Psychologist through adhering to the Knowledge & Experience Framework over this period. 

Coaching Psychology Knowledge and Experience Framework

The following items constitute the demonstrable requirements of understanding and application of psychological coaching. Coaching Psychologists will demonstrate that they:

  1. Have knowledge of the contexts (including professional, ethical and legal) within which Coaching Psychology is provided.
  2. Understand the responsibility and limitations of the professional role, including maintaining boundaries, confidentiality and accountability.
  3. Understand issues pertaining to difference and diversity in Coaching Psychology.
  4. Can address ethical issues in Coaching Psychology and understand how these may affect the coaching process, including power differentials.
  5. Understand what is meant by a safe environment in practising Coaching Psychology and the factors that affect the development of a coaching relationship.
  6. Have knowledge and experience of different coaching and Coaching Psychology frameworks, orientations and methods.
  7. Have skills and experience in contracting and negotiating with clients.
  8. Have skills and experience in establishing, developing and maintaining a coaching relationship.
  9. Have knowledge of the structure of professional Coaching Psychology experience including assessment procedures, interventions and the changing expectations regarding the practitioner’s role.
  10. Have knowledge of theories of management and other specialisms relevant to the application of Coaching Psychology.
  11. Have knowledge of the various mediums for providing psychological coaching (self-report, psychometrics, CDs, colleague reports and appraisals)
  12. Have knowledge of techniques and processes to evaluate Coaching Psychology, including receiving feedback from the client on their perceptions of progress and their expectations of outcomes of Coaching Psychology.
  13. Maintain up-to-date awareness of the development of Coaching Psychology theory and practice and engage in Coaching Psychology CPD.
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