Dorothy Bishop Festschrift Grant Scheme

This Grant is available to support Members of the Society, who are UK early career researchers (ECRs), to attend the Dorothy Bishop Festschrift, at the Royal Society.

Dorothy Bishop is one of the most distinguished psychologists of her generation, having pioneered the investigation of impairments in the development of language. Her work has been foundational for the genetics of developmental disorders. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the British Academy, and the Academy of Medical Sciences. She has published prolifically, and has for many years posted an influential blog on current issues in science and academia.

Each grant consists of up to £100 to contribute towards the costs of registration, travel and accommodation, to attend the full conference.

For more information contact the Awards and Grants team.


  • You must have a paper or poster, as either sole or multiple author, accepted or submitted as part of the programme for the conference.
  • You should be meeting the majority of the cost of attending the conference yourself and you must not be the Principal Investigator (PI) on a research grant.
  • You should have booked, and be intending to attend, all or most of the conference, not just the presentation in which you are personally involved.
  • Your Head of Department or Line Manager, as appropriate, must indicate their support where indicated in the application form.
  • You must be at least a Graduate Member of the Society to apply.

Successful applicants

  • Please submit receipts for registration fees, travel and accommodation, as applicable, to enable us to release any funds. 
  • Please submit a brief conference report for consideration by the grant Sub-Committee no later than one month following the conference. 
  • Please acknowledge the support of British Psychological Society in your presentation. We can supply a logo if required. 

Important further information – please read carefully

  1. For the purposes of this grant scheme, we define an early career researcher as a graduate student, within 5 years of being awarded their PhD with no permanent contract.
  2. You must include an abstract of your poster/paper with the application, along with official confirmation that you have submitted it to the Conference. Applications will not be considered without this.
  3. Please note that you should provide documentary confirmation of acceptance of the paper/poster and evidence of conference registration at the time of application if the paper is already accepted. We will only make payment of the grant once we have received these confirmations.
  4. You should ensure that you clearly explain the relevance of the conference to your area of research within the application.
  5. You must provide full details of how you intend to meet any costs above the level of funding available, in order for us to consider the application.           
  6. Please check that all the details provided on the application form are correct, as any incorrect details may impede the consideration of the application.
  7. IMPORTANT - We now assess all applications ‘blindly’ to discourage unconscious bias. To assist us please include an up to date and de-identified copy of your CV and a de-identified copy of the abstract with the application. Please ensure ALL personal information is excluded, such as date of birth and contact details, and any other identifiable details. If you have included personal information, we will return the documents for you to amend, which could cause unnecessary delays.
  8. We regret that we cannot accept retrospective applications.


Please note

You can only submit one bursary application per round.