Research Seminar Competition

This Grant opens up the opportunity for institutions to work together and hold joint scientific seminars, with a focus on widening the understanding of psychological processes within any field of scientific psychology. Grants are available up to the value of £3,000 to available to Society members under the annual Research Seminars Competition.  

The Grant

A sub-committee of the Research Board will select four submissions, which they feel are most likely to support a scientific development.  The seminar organisers will distribute most of the funds to meet the travel and accommodation expenses of those attending the seminars in person.  Institutions should be able to arrange and meet the costs of the rooms for the seminar series.

For further details or to request an application form, email the team.


Forms are available when the scheme is open to apply. The following information will be required before you begin:

  • The proposed scientific content and purpose of the seminar.
  • Who will be invited to participate (preference will be given to those who include postgraduate students and early career researchers as well as established and distinguished scientists).
  • Whether the seminars will take place physically or virtually. 
  • How the seminar will achieve its scientific goals and to what tangible outcomes the seminar should lead (e.g. publications, research proposals).
  • Costings and financial details of how you intend to spend the grant.

Details of the bank account where we should make the grant payment will be requested if your application is successful


As a minimum of two institutions will be involved, a primary applicant and at least one co-applicant should make submissions. The primary applicant and all co-applicants must be at least Graduate Members of the Society.    

The grant holder will have full responsibility for the distribution of grant monies and making practical arrangements for the seminars. However, as part of the condition of the award, we ask you to confirm the date of each of the seminars as soon as possible (and usually within 6 months of the date of the preceding seminar).   Should we not have received this confirmation within the specified time, we reserve the right to withdraw the grant. 

Please note that the grant must be claimed (not spent) within 12 months of the date of the award.  If you require an extension, please send a written request for the attention of the Chair of the Board.

End of grant report

The grant holder must send an end of grant report and financial statement no more than 1 month after the final seminar has ended. The grant holder is fully responsible for preparing and submitting the report. Further applications for funding will not usually be accepted from any grant holder who has an outstanding report outside of the 1 month due date.

Conflicts of interest

Applicants must declare all personal and professional conflicts of interest e.g. if applying with a spouse/partner or other relation. A conflict of interest will not prevent acceptance of the application, but will be borne in mind by the awarding panel. If we become aware of a conflict of interest that you have not declared, we will withdraw your application.