Lifetime Achievement

This Award recognises those who have made significant contributions to the advancement of psychological knowledge, with an exemplary record of personal achievement along the way.


The award includes life membership of the Society, a commemorative certificate and £1000 to spend on furthering an area of research of the nominee’s choice.

For further information on how to make a nomination, and a link to the electronic application form, please contact us

Nomination criteria


  • Should be current or retired academics and researchers in any area of psychology. 
  • Do not have to be members of the Society.
  • Do not have to be resident in the UK.


  • Need to have full BPS membership. 

Assessment criteria

Nominees should have:

  • An outstanding record of personal achievements in psychological research. This award is for lifetime achievement rather than a single contribution.
  • Significant contributions to the advancement of psychological knowledge.
  • Contributions beyond academia.

This could include:

  • A significant number of publications in scholarly journals, books and presentations at national and international conferences.
  • A substantial contribution to Psychology through leadership (including the supervision of others).
  • The promotion of the discipline through the development of research units/groups.
  • Development of significant research collaborations both nationally and internationally.
  • Sustained contributions to the work of the Society or other learned societies/professional associations, research funders, public engagement, policy influence etc.


The Award sub-committee, made up of Research Board members, considers all nominations received.


Nominators should:

  • Complete the nomination form to show how the candidate meets the criteria. Attach the candidate’s full CV.
  • Provide the names and addresses of three potential referees (the nominator should not be a referee).
  • Assume that the judges have no prior knowledge of the person and provide clear information and evidence of how they meet the criteria.
  • Use active language and, where the nominee has worked as part of a team, make it clear what the individual contributed and how this differed from others.

Conflict of interest

Nominators must declare all personal and professional conflicts of interest – e.g. if nominating a spouse/partner or other relation.

Please note: A conflict of interest will not prevent acceptance of the nomination, but will be borne in mind by the awarding panel when considering the award. If we become aware of an undeclared conflict of interest, we regret that we will have to discount it.

Previous recipients


  • Professor Robert Plomin


  • Professor Susan Michie


  • Martin Conway

  • Trevor Robbins


  • Richard Byrne


  • Celia Kitzinger


  • Glyn Humphreys

  • 2014

  • Peter Venables


  • Andy Young


  • Alan Baddeley

  • 2011

  • Colwyn Trevarthen


  • Alan Cowey


  • Uta Frith

  • Annette Karmiloff-Smith