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Transferable skills from your psychology degree

This information and advice has been gathered from the BPS careers portal and BPS accredited courses in psychology.

26 May 2021

By Guest

For many students, the journey post-graduation may take them outside of the world of psychology.

Luckily, psychology is one of the best degrees for transferable skills and your last years of studies have equipped you with a whole heap of skills which will stand you in excellent stead as you start your careers.

Many employers appreciate the scientific grounding, statistical know-how and critical thinking skills a psychology graduate has gained, and we’ve listed some of the major strings you’ve added to your bow below.

  • After navigating research methods as part of your degree, you’ll have top notch skills in numeracy, statistical analysis and critical reasoning within an evidence based discipline.

  • Effective communication

    Your work developing coherent arguments supported by relevant evidence and being sensitive to the needs and expectations of an audience will stand you in great stead.

  • As a psychology graduate you will have awareness of the factors which shape behaviour and social interactions.

    This can give you the knowledge and skills to build successful working relationships and navigate tricky situations in the workplace.

  • Through your experience planning and undertaking research, you will have extensive experience in planning and project management skills

  • The nature of psychology produces self-reflective, ethically aware and resilient employees so you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way as you make your strides into the world of work.

  • Team work

    Working together on research projects will have equipped you with a whole host of experience and skills on how to work effectively as part of a team.

    If you’re struggling to lead a team or find your place in a group at work, think back to how you negotiated teamwork during your degree and draw on that experience.

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