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Behavioural science and success of the proposed UK digital contact tracing application for Covid-19

Highlights the importance of behavioural science in the success of the Government’s new Covid-19 digital contact tracing app

08 June 2020

With the new Covid-19 digital contact tracing app requiring people to perform at least four inter-related behaviours, we're recommending that behavioural science is integrated within both the app itself and all associated communications if it is to be fit for purpose.  We've also called for further research to be undertaken to help understand and overcome the potential barriers to people using it.

Outlining the likely barriers and facilitators to people using the app, the paper highlights the importance of understanding these within the context of people’s occupation, role and employment status, gender, socio-economic group, ethnic group, experience of physical and/or learning disabilities, age group and the different levels of risk from severe Covid-19. 

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