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Talking to children about Coronavirus

It is vital to talk openly to children and reassure them about the changes they are seeing around them due to Coronavirus

16 March 2020

Some of the changes, like people wearing face masks or empty supermarket shelves, can be scary for children, so they are likely to need to talk to someone they trust about some of the imaginative misinformation they might have heard from friends at school.

The advice stresses that it is important to be truthful, but remember your child’s age. Give them factual information, but adjust the amount and detail to fit their age.

For example, you might say ‘we don’t yet have a vaccination for Coronavirus, but doctors are working very hard on it’  or ‘a lot of people might get sick, but for most people it is like a cold or flu and they get better’.


  1. It is good to talk
  2. Be truthful but remember your child’s age
  3. Allow children to ask questions
  4. Try to manage your own worries
  5. Give practical guidance


Download the guideline