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Managing uncertainty in children and young people

Advice for parents during the Covid-19 pandemic

30 July 2020

We know parents are having to make lots of difficult decisions right now, and are worrying about making the best decision for their children. To help you, we are sharing some of the things we know about what helps with anxiety and with making difficult decisions. We are also sharing things we have learned from families we have been working with on what has helped them.

  • It is important to manage the information children are getting
  • Children will be affected by the uncertainty around the changes to their lives
  • Will my anxiety about the impact of the pandemic (like my worries about them returning to school) affect my child?
  • Should I hide how I feel from my child?
  • Should I tell them I am worried too?
  • I'm worried that my child is hiding their worries about the situation. How can I support them to be open?
  • How do I make decisions when I am stressed and worried?
  • What if I make a different decision to those around me?
  • How can I help my child manage the anxiety and worry associated with uncertainty?  

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