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Supporting youth athletes during COVID-19

This document aims to provide psychological guidance for parents and guardians of youth athletes during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

09 July 2020

Since lockdown (on 23 March 2020), and the subsequent emergence from lockdown in the United Kingdom (UK), youth athletes have been forced to significantly change their training, with the cancellation of formal training sessions and reintegration with social distancing. Throughout this time competitive sport was suspended, and in this transition phase, it is still unclear when all competitions will commence. These changes for some can lead to feelings of anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty.

We offer psychological guidance to help parents and guardians maintain their own wellbeing, and support their children in their return to competitive sport. Three key priorities have been identified as critical for supporting youth athletes in managing the Covid-19 transition. These include:

  1. Self-management for parents and guidance
  2. Navigating uncertainty
  3. Motivation and goal setting

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