Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre is the Society’s training and development portal.

It provides learning and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and supports psychologists and those working in related fields with their professional development.

These include a CPD Approval scheme for externally provided CPD, myCPD an online system for planning and logging CPD and many CPD resources.

CPD opportunities from the Professional Development Centre include e-learning courses, workshops and events.

Professional Development Programme 2016

The Society's 2016 Professional Development programme Issue 2 is now available. You can book online at

We will be running more than 150 workshops in 2016, the highest ever, to provide learning opportunities to support psychologists and those working in related fields with their professional development.

Follow @BPSLearning on Twitter to find out when new workshops are announced, the monthly listing in The Psychologist and on our website.


A number of online CPD modules are available for you to complete at your own pace from anywhere with internet access, whether that be your office, on a train or the comfort of your sofa, making them ideal for people who find it difficult to travel to events.

The modules have been designed to suit all learning styles and because they are done online it means you can spend 20 minutes or an hour working on them.

Take a look at our e-Learning section for more information and a list of available courses.

CPD Approval Scheme

The CPD Approval Scheme is the Society’s model of approving programmes or events that are offered by external providers that meet the Society's standards. It enables CPD providers to have programmes or events that are of relevance to psychology and/or psychologists approved.

For more information, go to the CPD Approval scheme page.

CPD resources

To find out the recommended minimum number of CPD hours per year or what activities count towards your professional development, and other CPD guidance and advice visit the CPD resources section.

Psychologists registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) will be required to maintain an ongoing record of their CPD in order to renew their registration. Further information on the HCPC CPD requirements can be found on their website.


Our online system, myCPD, provides a structured framework for planning and recording CPD. Members can use the system to record their needs and activities, and print reports to meet CPD requirements of an employer or regulator, such as those of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Access myCPD online planning and recording system.

For more information, go to the myCPD page.

Contact details

You can contact the Learning Centre on 0116 252 9925 or by email at [email protected].