Maternal relationships and sexual attitudes

A good relationship between a daughter and her mother can have a positive effect on the young woman's sexual attitudes, a new study has suggested. However, the investigation - which has been published online in Springer's journal Sex Roles - indicated a similar attachment between a son and his mum can increase the likelihood he will develop stereotypical beliefs when it comes to women.

Researchers at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium - which was founded in 1425 - discovered maternal closeness can act as a buffer against the negative effects of television viewing for females.

They demonstrated this to be true both in regards to recreational attitudes to sex and towards male sexual obsession - but the opposite appeared to be the case when looked at from the perspective of young boys.

"The influence of attachment to the mother on associations between television viewing and sexual attitudes appears to be risk-increasing for boys and risk-decreasing for girls," the authors concluded.

Dr Lynne Jordan, Chartered Psychologist, commented: "Nurturing affirming relationships with either sex act as a buffer against negative experiences throughout the life cycle, but especially in childhood."