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Would you like to communicate psychology to a wider audience?

16 January 2018

Is society becoming more fearful? What are the physical symptoms of anxiety? Do supermarket meal deals encourage people to eat more?

Here in the Society’s Press Centre we receive enquiries like these from journalists every day. We put them in touch with psychologists who can help them with quotes and information for their stories.

So we can offer this service, we maintain a database of psychologists who are happy to talk to the media. This list their areas of expertise and interest and their contact information.

Former Society President Professor Peter Kinderman believes it important that psychologists talk to the media:

“Talking to the media is a vital part of bringing psychology to wider society, whether you are being interviewed on the Today programme or talking to a popular magazine.

“We can tell the public about the latest scientific findings, provide an informed psychological angle to current news stories, educate the media and its audience about what psychology can do, and – importantly – listen to the experiences and perspectives of members of the public.

“And, if psychologists don’t do it, someone else will and do it less well.”

And speaking at the AGM of our Welsh Branch, its chair Dr Paul Hutchings said:

“So many of the big issues that impact upon our society have psychology at the heart of them. Sometimes it is clear what our input should be, such as when discussing mental health provision, but in other areas our role may be more subtle or hidden, such as understanding people's attitudes toward Brexit or the impact of economic decisions on people's wellbeing.

“We have expertise in so many areas from our practitioners and academics across Wales, and I encourage our members to step forward and engage with policymakers to ensure that we help to shape the future of Wales in all areas.”

We are always looking for new psychologists to go on the database.

To join it you must be a member of the Society. We usually accept only chartered members, but if you already have media experience or work in an area of psychology where we are short of people, we will still consider you.

We have a good representation of psychologists from London and the South East of England, so we particularly welcome new people from the other nations and regions of Britain.

The Society also provides subsidised media training, and we would encourage anyone who is interested in joining our database and working with the media to sign up for it.

It will also be useful to anyone who has to deal with the media as part of their management responsibilities.

There are currently no dates set for media training courses, but please register your interest with an email here.

And if you would like to go on the Society’s media database, please email the Press Centre.


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