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Winners of our I’m a Scientist zones announced

04 July 2019

The winners of the two June BPS-sponsored zones of I’m a Scientist were chosen last week by the school students they engaged with online for a fortnight.

Robert Dempsey, senior lecturer in psychology and mental health at Staffordshire University, won the Mental Health zone.

He said:

"I really enjoyed taking part in this year's I'm a Scientist and answering questions posed by students of a range of ages.

We had some great discussions about the causes of various mental health conditions, the possible role of social media in worsening young people's mental health and what benefit psychological approaches to understanding mental health-related experiences may have."

The Influence zone was won by Alex Lloyd, a PhD student at Royal Holloway and Birkbeck in the University of London.

He said:

“The I’m A Scientist experience was unlike any other I have encountered.

Having rapid fire questions from classrooms of up to 30 students was exhilarating and forced me to think about the key messages I wanted to communicate about my research.

It was an experience that I would highly recommend to psychologists at any career stage.”

Our next I’m a Scientist zones will run in November. If you are interested in taking part, you can learn more about what is involved and apply via the I’m a Scientist website.


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