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Where do women look when sizing each other up?

14 February 2017

New research looks at the relationship between where heterosexual women's eyes are drawn and their own levels of body satisfaction.

Past studies have shown that heterosexual women, just like men, spend a disproportionate amount of time looking at the waist, hips and breasts of other women, consistent with mate selection theory.

There has also been mixed research into whether this is exacerbated for women who are dissatisfied with their own bodies, but a new exploratory paper in Psychological Research has looked to fill in a gap - how do healthy, confident women behave when looking at other women?

The researchers from the University of Lincoln found that, overall, participants still spent more time looking at the waist and hip regions, but there was no correlation between a participant's own body satisfaction and the amount of time they spent looking at models who they deemed to be more or less attractive.

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