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We're offering Registered Reports across all eleven of our academic journals

13 July 2018

You can now improve the replicability of your work by publishing a Registered Report with the British Psychological Society

Registered Reports follow a simple review process:

  • Submit your research question and study design to the BPS journal of your choice
  • The journal's editorial team send suitable submissions for peer review
  • Your article will be rejected or accepted in principle for publication
  • Conduct your study and submit your paper for re-review
  • Your paper will be published regardless of the findings

Registered Reports benefit the research community by offering peer review prior to the experiment, helping to identify any possible issues with the methodology, and allow researchers to do their work confident that it will be published regardless of the results (subject to receiving provisional acceptance).

Professor Daryl O'Connor, Chair of the BPS Research Board, said:

"We are thrilled to now offer Registered Reports across our entire portfolio of eleven journals and to continue working closely with Wiley to promote open science practices.

The scientific publishing landscape has changed considerably and the Society is keen to embrace new methods and approaches to help improve psychological science nationally and internationally.

This is another important step forward and represents an exciting phase for our portfolio of journals. The introduction of Registered Reports will increase the transparency of our science and allow peer review of research studies before the results are known.

As a consequence this will help reduce the use of questionable research practices while improving the quality of our research protocols, that will ultimately improve the robustness of our evidence base."

You can find out more about our eleven academic journals, published in partnership with Wiley Psychology, by clicking here.


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