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(Welsh Parliament) Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill

05 August 2020

The Children, Young People and Education Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the general principles of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill (‘the Bill’).

The purpose of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill is to establish a new and reformed legislative framework to support the implementation of new curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales.

Further detail about the Bill can be found in its accompanying Explanatory Memorandum.

Terms of reference

To consider:

  • the general principles of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill and whether there is a need for legislation to deliver the Bill’s stated policy objectives;
  • any potential barriers to the implementation of the provisions and whether the Bill takes account of them;
  • any potential implications of implementing the Bill’s provisions while relevant sectors deal with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • whether there are any unintended consequences arising from the Bill;
  • the financial implications of the Bill (as set out in Part 2 of the Explanatory Memorandum); and
  • the appropriateness of the powers in the Bill for Welsh Ministers to make subordinate legislation (as set out in Part 1: Chapter 5 of the Explanatory Memorandum).

More information can be found here. 

Read the full Bill here.

Getting Involved

The BPS is reliant upon the expert psychological expertise of our members in order to provide evidence based responses to a whole range of stakeholders including government departments and policy decision makers.

The response is being led by Elin Llyr and Harry Thompson on behalf of Deryn, our Welsh Policy consultants.

Please send your comments to [email protected] using the response form.

The deadline for commenting is the end of play on Monday 07 September.

Please note:

  • The society will only produce ONE response to any consultation.
  • Any response that goes under the society logo MUST be signed off by the relevant Board Chair and Branch Chair in the case of Devolved Nations.
  • Responses on behalf of particular Divisions / Faculties / Member Networks are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Please do refer to the British Psychological Society Consultation Processes document which is attached before writing and sending any comments
  • Please ensure that all comments are based on Published Evidence and not solely on clinical opinion


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