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(Welsh Government) Draft national framework for continuing NHS healthcare

16 July 2019

Continuing NHS Healthcare (CHC) is the name given to a package of care and support given by the NHS, though local health boards (LHBs), to people whose needs are mainly health-based. Around 5,000 people in Wales are receiving CHC at any point and it accounts for £360 million of the annual NHS budget.

The Framework was last revised in 2014 and made a number of significant changes at that time.

These included; strengthening of governance issues:

  • stronger provisions for the Welsh Language
  • the assessment process and how information is recorded (through a Decision Support Tool)
  • a strengthened role for carers; reviews of decisions and enhanced arrangements regarding retrospective claims

It also identified and set out linkages with wider policy areas outside CHC, such as mental health, learning disability and Direct Payments.

The Board’s view was that the principles supporting the existing Framework are sound and that the review should therefore aim to clarify, refine or add to the existing Framework as appropriate.

Summary of changes

  • presentational changes
  • the assessment of eligibility for CHC
  • making a decision on eligibility
  • service provision and review
  • links between CHC and wider policy areas
  • ensuring a clear and consistent approach to the handling of disputes and appeals and that these are dealt with in a timely manner
  • refining the process for handling retrospective claims

The BPS is looking to make a strong response and ensure that the concerns of psychologists are raised and included within any changes made to the framework.

Getting Involved

Send your comments to [email protected] using the form below.

The deadline for responses is Thursday the 01st of August.

Please note:

  • The Society will only produce ONE response to any consultation.
  • Any response that goes under the Society logo MUST be signed off by the relevant Board Chair and Branch Chair in the case of Devolved Nations.
  • Responses on behalf of particular Divisions / Faculties / Member Networks are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Please do refer to the British Psychological Society Consultation Processes document which is attached before writing and sending any comments
  • Please ensure that all comments are based on Published Evidence and not solely on clinical opinion


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