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Watch a live discussion on the future of professional titles this afternoon

05 September 2018

An invited panel discussion on use of professional titles in psychology will be broadcast live on YouTube this afternoon, Thursday 6 September at 14.20.

The discussion takes place at the annual conference of our Division of Health Psychology at Hilton Newcastle in Gateshead.

Under the title ‘What’s in a name?’ the session will hear from:

  • Dr Vivien Swanson
  • Dr Jo Hart,
  • Professor Falko Sniehotta
  • Professor Ronan O'Carroll
  • Dr Lucie Byrne-Davies.

It will be facilitated by Professor Daryl O’Connor.

There has been much debate about the use of names and professional titles in psychology. How psychologists perceive themselves, both individually and as a profession, is important and may become increasingly so.

Within health psychology, which includes both academics and practitioners, there is a move towards purely competency-based appointments. This may make titles like ‘health psychologist’ or ‘clinical psychologist’ increasingly redundant as generic titles like ‘applied psychologists’ or ‘practitioner psychologist’ are used instead.

The panel will discuss the implications of these trends for the profile of psychology as a profession.

Click here to watch the discussion (starts 14.20 on Thursday)


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