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Voting opens to elect BPS president for 2020

29 May 2019

Members can vote for their most senior representative to serve in 2020/21 up until the closing date of 30 June.

Our presidential team consists of three roles – president elect, president and vice president. The successful candidate will initially serve as president elect during 2019/20, before taking over as president from David Murphy for 2020/21. They will then spend a year as our vice president in 2021/22.

Three candidates are running for the position. They are:

  • Dr Hazel McLaughlin
  • Dr Joanna North
  • Professor Christina Richards

Full profiles of each candidate, as well as their personal statements, are available to read with your ballot papers, whether online or postal.

Members voting by postal ballot, please note that Peter Rankin withdrew from the election after papers were sent out.

Members who are opted in to online voting can cast their ballot by visiting the unique link sent to them by email.

If you would like to help us cut down on the amount of paper we use, please sign up for online voting for future elections by visiting the ‘My Account’ section of our website.

The winning candidate will be announced at our AGM on 19th July.


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