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Voting for the 2022 Senate policy campaign now open

01 September 2021

Voting is now open for the BPS 2022 Senate policy campaign with members having until 30 September to cast their vote.

Member networks have submitted a range of policy areas for members to vote on with issues including social mobility, Covid and climate change among the 11 proposals received.

Members can read the submissions and watch short videos from the participating networks highlighting key elements of their campaign proposal on the Mi-Voice voting platform. You can then select your top three proposals in order of preference.

The proposals are:

  • Climate change is the most pressing issue of our era and impacts on all other issues
  • A psychological approach to support pupils with a practical and well-founded understanding of how to study
  • Men’s mental health
  • The environmental and climate crisis
  • Addressing the psychological impact of immigration policy on migrants and refugees
  • Covid-19 recovery and mental health
  • How psychology can contribute to debates and discussions about climate breakdown and the global environmental crisis
  • Supporting Children and Young people (CYP) with neurodisability
  • Tackling social class and class-based inequalities
  • Emerging Stronger: Living Well, Protecting our Planet

Voting is an open process which means members can vote by just using their membership number. The proposals receiving the most votes will then be shortlisted and presented, debated and voted on at the Senate meeting in November.

Voting closes at 5pm on 30 September 2021.


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