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Views sought on national apprenticeship scheme for clinical associate psychologists

06 March 2019

Our Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) has produced a briefing paper on a proposal to create national standards for an apprenticeship scheme to deliver a new role of clinical associate psychologist.

They will have duties including formulation, providing a range of interventions, supporting and guiding professional teams, and offering training and supervision to others.

The DCP briefing paper argues that, while the initiative is welcomed as a positive step, some changes are needed and the DCP can play an active role in developing the proposal further.

It makes five key points:

  1. While there is support for many of the duties, knowledge and skills statements, there are too many and it will be difficult to assess 163 standards.
  2. The behaviour statements are positive and appropriate for the role.
  3. Clinical psychologists supervising candidates on the apprenticeship is a positive proposal, but the current wording requires amending if it is to secure widespread professional support.
  4. It needs to be made clear whether clinical associate psychologists will be working with specific client groups, as the training is unlikely to cover a broad range.
  5. The nature of assessments, interventions and models mentioned need to be clarified.

The briefing paper was written by Tony Lavender, chair of the DCP Workforce and Training Sub-Committee, and Gary Latchford, co-chair of the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology.

This is an important proposal and we recognise that members from across the Society may have an interest.

We would encourage as many of our members as possible to respond to the consultation before it closes at noon on 20 March.


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