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(United Nations Human Rights) Good practices to ensure effective access to justice for persons with disabilities

23 July 2019

Children and young people with neuro-disabilities are often failed by society and the criminal justice system, due to an over emphasis on costly incarceration and secure care facilities, and a lack of understanding of neuro-disabilities and their potential impact on young people.

Assessments and interventions are poorly timed and have led to a system where children and young people are not properly screened for conditions until they enter a secure estate, by which time such young people are in a cycle of reoffending.

In order to provide detailed input which may be included in the upcoming Special Rapporteur report on the rights of persons with disabilities, we are especially keen to get your views regarding examples of good practices to ensure effective access to justice for persons with disabilities as well as recommendations as to how psychological evidence could be used in these cases.

Getting Involved

Send your comments to [email protected] using the form below.

The deadline for responses is Monday the 05th of August.

Please note:

  • The Society will only produce ONE response to any consultation.
  • Any response that goes under the Society logo MUST be signed off by the relevant Board Chair and Branch Chair in the case of Devolved Nations.
  • Responses on behalf of particular Divisions / Faculties / Member Networks are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Please do refer to the British Psychological Society Consultation Processes document which is attached before writing and sending any comments
  • Please ensure that all comments are based on Published Evidence and not solely on clinical opinion


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