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Trauma specialist and chartered BPS member receives police commendation

10 June 2022

Chartered BPS member Dr Noreen Tehrani has been awarded a police commendation for her role in helping to provide support for hundreds of officers and staff in the aftermath of a ‘highly sensitive incident’.

Dr Tehrani received the commendation from the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, John Campbell, for demonstrating ‘great dedication, tenacity and courage in delivering a high quality service in exceptionally difficult circumstances.’

Dr Tehrani worked with Thames Valley occupational health services to train and support welfare officers and mental health nurses to provide trauma support to ‘several hundred’ people who were impacted by the incident, including scene of crime officers, family liaison offers and investigators.

The commendation was unexpected, said Dr Tehrani, who is a member of both the BPS Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section, a specialist network of members working in trauma psychology, and the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology, as well as being registered with the regulator The Health and Care Professions Council.

“I was surprised when I heard the Chief Constable had commended me for my work, I had just done my job. What was important to me was that the occupational health service was recognised for its contribution, and I was just a tiny piece of that vital work.

“Evidence-based interventions and the work we do as psychologists, in providing support to organisations and individuals, can make a difference to people’s lives,” Dr Tehrani added.

“I have been honoured to work with many dedicated police officers and staff who deal with some of the most challenging and demanding work imaginable.”


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