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A third of UK MPs experience online abuse and threats

12 June 2018

This is the finding of research being discussed at a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Psychology today.

The research was conducted with parliamentarians and their staff, and focussed on their experiences of threatening and abusive behaviour online and its impact.

It also considered what makes people engage in this behaviour, the characteristics of internet trolls, and how to deal with it.

The research was carried out by psychologists at the University of Bradford and the Brunel University London.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP will host the event at the House of Commons. The event will bring together the APPG, the BPS and other experts in this field, alongside parliarmentarians.

Professor Catriona Morrison of the University of Bradford said:

"Online trolling of MPs is a very real phenomenon, with almost a third of UK MPs reporting they have been a victim of trolling behaviour.

This takes many forms, including racial abuse, sexual harassment, and threats of physical harm. It impacts more on women, in terms of stress, than on men."

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The Psychologist spoke to Professor Morrison and Dr Shazia Akhtar from the University of Bradford ahead of the APPG meeting in this month’s magazine.

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