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Tell us what we can do to help early career psychologists

06 July 2018

The British Psychological Society (BPS) is looking to extend the services that we offer to early career psychologists (postdoctoral researchers, lecturers and practitioners), and have launched a survey to get their opinions.

Emma Norris, Early Career Representative to the Research Board, said:

"Whilst we already support the fantastic work of PsyPAG, a body of support and funding for postgraduate psychologists, we are keen to improve the support offered to psychologists in the next steps of their careers.

"We currently offer a range of funding and award schemes aimed at postdoctoral psychologists, but we have identified a need to refine the eligibility criteria and naming of these schemes, to better reflect the diversity of careers in early career psychology.

"There is also a desire to explore further avenues of support that we can offer to early career psychologists, guided by our members. We plan both to rebrand our existing schemes, and further extend what we offer to early career psychologists throughout this crucial stage of career development."

If you're an early career psychologist, or a postgraduate with ideas on how the Society can best serve your needs in the future, you can fill out the survey here.



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