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Studies link intellectual humility with openness to other viewpoints

23 January 2018

Early in 2018, the default reaction to encountering someone who disagrees with you is to place your fingers in your ears.

The US government is in shut down following an impasse in Congress. Meanwhile, the UK remains bitterly divided over Brexit. We could all benefit from a dose of intellectual humility, according to the authors of a new paper in Self and Identity.

People with this trait are open to other viewpoints and see disagreement as an opportunity to learn. Promisingly, early findings suggest that it may be possible to foster intellectual humility relatively easily, as least over the short term.

Tenelle Porter and Karina Schumann at the University of Pittsburgh created a new intellectual humility questionnaire that asks participants to rate their agreement with 9 items like “I am willing to admit if I don’t know something”. 

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