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Student Committee Award winners announced

09 November 2021

The BPS student committee is delighted to announce the winners of its inaugural awards.

Launched this year to celebrate the work and achievements of its members and professionals who have supported the student community, the awards saw a range of nominations from across the student community. Following a blind vote the committee is pleased to announce the following winners.

  • Professional Award for Outstanding Support winner – Niamh Stack
  • Undergraduate Award for Outstanding Contribution winner – Tracy Bushnall

In interviews for the student newsletter the winners reacted to their awards.

Undergraduate award winner Tracy Bushnall said:

“It feels surreal! I thought it was a mistake at first but I do feel really happy and humble to have won. Lots of my fellow students worked just as hard, and I just I represent them really. The time I spent as a psychology student was intense and interesting.

I met some fantastic student role models, who worked extremely hard to be at university in really difficult circumstances battling illness, working full time and managing a home and children, who kept me motivated and positive and I will always be grateful to them.”

Professional award winner Niamh Stack, who is chair of the BPS’ Education and Training Board, said:

“This award means so much, particularly after the last 18 months.  It has been the most challenging of times to work within psychology education and training at all levels, from secondary schools to undergraduates, to professional training qualifications through to maintaining professional development for established psychologists.

I am in awe of what students achieved in these circumstances but even more impressed by how students supported each other and supported us as staff.  And so to receive this acknowledgement from students at this time means so much.”

The student committee awards will return in 2022, and keep your eyes on the student social media channels for more reaction from the winners.


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