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Society Investment Policy (2018)

12 November 2018

The attached document lays out the roles, responsibilities, objectives, and restraints, involved in the society's investment policy.

The SBPS is a charity established by Royal Charter, which provides authority to the Trustees to invest money’s of the society in accordance with the provision of its Statutes.

Paragraph 26 of the Statutes states that:

“Any money of the Society not needed immediately for current purposes of the Society may, by way of investment, be used in the manner specified in the Trustee Act 2000.”

The Trustee Act 2000 (the Act) gives the Trustees a wide power to invest in such investments as they think fit in the interests of the society.

The policy of the society is to ensure prudent investment of its funds (“Funds”) to provide income for its current purposes and enhance and maximise income and capital growth over the longer term thereby enabling the Society to meet its current and future objectives.


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