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Society announces a freeze on membership rates and will invest to support members

05 October 2018

The British Psychological Society’s Trustees recently agreed there will be no increase in membership rates for 2019.

The Trustees also resolved to prioritise investment to support members and strengthen our external influence. This means we will be able to increase capacity in key areas such as communications, policy and our finance infrastructure.

Principles for the payment of recompense for members where the policy applies were agreed. The Board approved retrospective payments for 2017 and an interim payment scheme that will run to the end of 2019. 

Sarb Bajwa, the Society’s chief executive, said:

“The Board of Trustees and I know it will be vital to work in partnership with you so that we can become a truly membership-led organisation.

We will continue to consult with members to explore how BPS can provide a service that better meets the needs of all our members and I will be presenting an outline transformation plan for the Society at the next Board of Trustees meeting in December.”

Meanwhile, members can let us know their views on the proposals in the Society Review.


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