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Scotland's "shared vision" for dementia care

30 June 2017

The British Psychological Society has welcomed the publication of Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy for 2017-20.

Dr Linda Clare, chair of the Society’s Dementia Advisory Group, said:

“We welcome the new guidance’s emphasis on person-centred care, which is in line with the Society’s own recent report on Psychological Dimensions of Dementia, and we share its hope that timely diagnosis will give people the ability to play a full part in their own care planning.

“It is also pleasing to see mention of the need for medication reviews for those receiving psychoactive medicines and the need to avoid inappropriate prescription in the first place. As the new guidance says, clinical guidelines spell out the alternative approaches that should be tried before medication.”

The new strategy speaks of a “shared vision” of a Scotland where “people with dementia and those who care for them have access to timely, skilled and well-coordinated support from diagnosis to end of life which helps achieve the outcomes that matter to them”.

This is the Scottish Government’s third dementia strategy. The first, published in 2010, focused on improving the quality of dementia services through more timely diagnosis and on better care and treatment.

The second focused on improving post diagnostic support and strengthening integrated and person centred support.

You can read the new strategy in full on the Scottish Government website.


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