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Recipients of our Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme award announced

10 August 2018

We will be funding 20 winners of our Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme this year.

The scheme is a prestigious award that marks out a student as a future researcher and potential academic.

Awards are made to researchers (not directly to the student) to allow them to provide an undergraduate with 'hands-on' experience of research during the summer vacation, to gain an insight into scientific research and to encourage them to consider an academic career.

The winners of the award for 2018 are:

  • Dr Eric Robinson  (University of Liverpool) will support Amy Hansell and her project ‘” Supersize Me”: The effect of food portion size and eating environment on energy intake.’

  • Dr Lynn Dunwoody (Ulster University) will support Adrienne Walker and her project: ‘An exploration of cancer related fatigue and physical activity from the perspective of a family, informal (unpaid) carers and friends.’

  • Dr Elizabeth Sheppard (University of Nottingham) will support Nafi Talukder and his project ‘How well can parents read their children’s minds?’

  • Dr Abbie Jordan (University of Bath) will support Imogen Coningsby and her project ‘Telling their story: Exploring future perceptions of parents of youth with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.’

  • Dr Oliver Robinson (University of Greenwich) will support Nikolay Petrov and his project ‘A mixed-methods study into the relationship between dreams and developmental crisis episodes in adulthood: Seeking further support for the continuity hypothesis’

  • Dr Nikki Hayfield (University of the West of England) will support Karolina Krizova and her project ‘A qualitative exploration of pansexual people’s understandings and lived experiences of pansexuality.’

  • Dr Lynn Wright & Dr Scott Hardie (Abertay University) will support Scott Burrows and his project ‘HIS and HRS: Developing measures of handedness identity and stereotypes.’

  • Professor Louise Phillips (University of Aberdeen) will support Auste Simkute and her project ‘Attending to friends: Are older adults influenced by familiarity when following gaze cues?’

  • Dr Catherine Sebastian (Royal Holloway University of London) will support Iqra Arshad and her project ‘The relation between every day aggression, frustration and inhibitory control in predicting reactive aggressive responding.’

  • Dr Tom Stafford (University of Sheffield) will support Zaihirah Quddud and her project ‘Dynamic Adjustments of Cognitive Control Across Adolescence: An EEG Study.’

  • Dr Gemma Taylor (University of Salford) will support Eve Bent and her project ‘Investigating the role of children’s visual attention on the video deficit effect (VDE).’

  • Dr Robert Bendall (University of Salford) will support Michael Heenan and his project ‘The role of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex during emotion regulation: A combined neuroimaging and neurostimulation study.’

  • Dr Gemma Graham (University of Brighton) will support Amy Bradford and her project ‘”Play it again Sam”: Investigating Fixation Behaviour and Physiological responses during repeated CCTV Observation.’

  • Professor Lynne Murray (University of Reading) will support Chloe Rock and her project ‘Maternal speech during book-sharing and child Theory of Mind.’

  • Dr Helen Johnson (Coventry University) will support Chloe Jackson and her project ‘Use of cognitive interviewing to explore what strategies children use when completing the YARC: A measure of reading comprehension.’

  • Dr Emma O’Dwyer (Kingston University, London) will support Amran Yusuf and her project ‘How do British citizens negotiate their positions towards the use of armed drones? A qualitative study.’

  • Professor Julia Carroll (Coventry University) will support Georgia Kirkland and her project ‘Can the purported benefits of creative methods support the inclusion of children as part of intergenerational design research projects?’

  • Dr Andrew Dunn (Nottingham Trent University) will support Liam Cahill and his project ‘Development of an experimental process for assessing male body image and body dissatisfaction, using an Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP).’

  • Dr Rowena Hill and Dr Lucy Betts (Nottingham Trent University) will support Tom Goodwin and his project ‘Psychology Information Handling in Disaster Management: Managing information in major incidents in order to increase public confidence and community situational awareness, and counter misinformation.’

  • Dr Claudia Metzler Baddeley (Cardiff University) will support Rebecca Louch and her project ‘Effects of genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease on white matter microstructure of fornix subfibers in asymptomatic adults at midlife.’

We would like to offer our congratulations to the winners of this year's award, and hope that it contributes to developing their research interests. 

To find out more about the award, including how to apply for the 2019 round, please click here.


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