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Psychologists as Expert Witnesses - Guidelines and Procedures for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

24 November 2016

The following report, prepared at the request of the Research Board and the Professional Practice Board, is intended to provide guidance and clarification for psychologists who are called on to act as an expert witness.

This document first defines what an "expert" is in this context, along with the differences between an expert witness and an ordinary witness, the legal and ethical requirements of the role, and the distinction between civil and criminal proceedings.

It also lays out the requirements and qualifications necessary for a psychologist to act as an expert witness, details on how to receive and respond to instructions pertaining to a case, and how to deal with issues of confindentiality and/or conflicts of interest.

Finally the report also provides guidelines on how members should present and conduct themselves when appearing in court, as well as advice regarding the practical and financial considerations which may come in to play.

For full details please consult the document below:


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