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Position statement: The need for psychosocial care and support for refugees and asylum seekers

20 June 2017

Poverty, destitution and worklessness are all detrimental to mental health and, because of this, the mental health and wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers is particularly vulnerable.

Newly arrived asylum seekers deal with a range of issues, including uncertainty and concerns about being refused asylum and removed from the country, worries about family members at home, and issues relating to adapting to a different culture and language.

The experiences of homelessness, poverty, and the difficulties of ensuring basic necessities such as accommodation, meals, and health care, can be extremely difficult, and living with this uncertainty is likely to be detrimental to psychological wellbeing.

In the position paper below the Society calls upon the Home Office, UK Border Agency, Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health and Social Care professionals to provide a route to Assessment and Service Delivery for refugees and asylum seekers.


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