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Our structural review

27 April 2017

In order to improve its impact and effectiveness the Society has been undertaking a review of its aims and structure.

Improving impact and effectiveness

In order to improve its impact and effectiveness the Society has been undertaking a review of its aims and structure. The Board of Trustees has agreed a statement which expresses the impact which the Society will have if it successfully achieves its aims:

People, organisations and communities are equipped with the everyday psychological knowledge to navigate a complex world. Everyone can access evidence-based psychology to enhance their lives, communities and wider society.

Achieving this impact will mean that we need to be better at focusing on our aims, and have a structure that supports activities which are designed to achieve those aims. An important element of this has been a review of the Society’s governance including its Trustees, Representative Council and its Boards. This consultation is seeking your views on our proposals for a new governance structure through a revised Board of Trustees, a member-led Senate and new Boards that together would define strategy, set priorities and manage activity to achieve the Society’s aims.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

The Society is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all of its activities. An important part of this will be a review of terms of reference and role descriptions in respect of member roles and ensuring that our selection processes for these roles are fair, transparent and open. Alongside our work on the structural review we will undertake this review, ensuring that appropriate processes are in place for appointment to positions within our governance structure.

Development of the proposals

The proposals have been developed by a Structural Review Group appointed by the Trustees. The group has included the Chairs of the current Boards, members of the Presidential Team and representatives of all the main network types. It has been advised by senior staff. During the development of the proposals the Trustees, the Representative Council and the four existing Boards have been consulted on various aspects of the proposals. We are now inviting comment from the membership on our specific proposals for changes to the governance structure of the Society.

Consultation process

We are now consulting on our proposals for

  • The constitution of the Board of Trustees
  • The purpose, remit and membership of the proposed Senate, which it is proposed will replace the Representative Council
  • The purpose, remit and terms of reference for the new Boards

Members should note that any changes to the Board of Trustees or the Representative Council will require changes to our Statutes and Rules. This will require a vote of the membership which will be arranged at a later date. The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of our members before we proceed with amendments to these documents.

In accordance with our code of practice on consultations we will consult with our members on these proposals for a period of four weeks. The consultation is open to all members of the Society. Members can respond by completing this survey.

The surveys set out our proposals and ask you to indicate whether or not you agree with them. If you disagree there is an option to provide reasons to inform further work. The proposals for Senate and the new strategy Boards are quite extensive so we are also providing a fuller paper on these proposals below:

Proposals for a new Senate and to replace the current Boards with new Strategy Boards


The outcome of the consultation will inform the decisions of the Society’s Board of Trustees, which is responsible for defining strategy and delegating its delivery appropriately, appointing Boards, and setting their terms of reference.

Decisions arising from the process will be reported to the membership on the Society’s website and in the Member Update.



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