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Our Political Psychology Section is ready for action

11 December 2018

Social identity, international relations and the media were among the subjects under discussion at the inaugural conference of our Political Psychology Section in Birmingham today.

Held in collaboration with the Political Studies Association and the European Consortium of Political Research, it was hosted by the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security.

The day brought together researchers and students from across these organisations to discuss the latest advances in political psychology research. The programme was designed to give opportunities to network with other academics and forge future collaborations.

Professor Helen Haste from the University of Bath gave the keynote address under the title ‘Change the narrative, change the world? The power of story in framing identity and social change.’

The conference also saw an interdisciplinary methods workshop and a roundtable discussion on publishing and grant writing.

Professor Ashley Weinberg, the interim chair of the Section, said:

"I'm delighted for all who are interested in political psychology that our new section is ready for action. It's great to be able to join across disciplines to consider issues which are so important to us all right now".


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